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Alissa Martin

Slow Flow Instructor

Community Yoga Instructor

About Alissa

Teaching yoga nourishes my soul and is what calls to me. I like to share my discoveries and tools with others because it would be selfish to keep it to myself. I believe sharing our gifts with others is what unites us together.

It is important to me to treat each day like a living prayer. Showing up for ourselves with an open and listening heart to greet each day with nourishment & awareness, is the biggest favor i think we can do for ourselves and our community. In this space we can feel, reflect, break down, process and tend our reality to ultimately cultivate our own freedom and just breathe.

Yoga with Alissa

Various body types are celebrated in my classes! The anatomy for each individual can be so different! Our bones and bodies are all different shapes & sizes and it is important to me to allow space for our differences. Every pose will not be the same for everyone. I like to create an environment that celebrates each unique individual so you can find what feels good to YOU.

My offerings can vary from a restorative and recovery, Vinyasa Flow class, Slow Flow and I also offer 1-on-1 private sessions. I have explored much anatomy and I also do strength training so warm up and recovery are important to me. Showing up but also in a way that supports a ~balance~ for our mind and body:)

Other modalities I incorporate:

Breathing exercises (also know as pranayama) to tune and move energy with the breath is a big part of my practice. It is such a handy tool and there are different ways to utilize it for our well-being.

Pockets of meditation practices to help guide and shift our mind. This may look like guided awareness, thought provoking questions, and sound meditation are some examples.

The therapy harp to aid in tapping into body awareness to get out of the mind.


Certified 200hr Yoga Teacher, TruYoga Institute, 2020, Little Rock, AR.

I am currently furthering my practice and halfway through an in-depth 300hr advanced YTT with Authentic Movements-online, learning different meditation techniques and styles, creative movements, some yoga nidra that I'm beginning to incorporate.

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