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Amber Lee


Massage Therapist

Soul Guide

Shamanic Healer

Human Design Specialist

Reiki Practitioner

About Amber

Soul Guide, Massage Therapist, Healer, and Goddess Manifesting Generator!

Amber's passion to curate a space that holds the highest regard for her clients, she is helping others find their path and healing their emotional blocks to achieve greatness! She responds from a compassionate heart that is attuned to thinking outside of the box to find solutions.

She works in a client-centered and judgement free way that holds space for whatever is needed for the greatest healing to emerge.

She has a degree in Psychology from the University of South Florida.

She also has worked as a Crisis Counselor for many years.

Amber's Services

I specialize in deep tissue and intuitive touch. I am also a Trauma Informed Therapist.

Massage therapy services include:


Deep Tissue

Sports Massage


Body Wraps

Cacao Ceremonies

Shamanic Practices

Human Design

Gene Keys

My ideal clients are people who are deeply wanting to shift their lives towards growth, expansion, and freedom! On the massage table I am more therapeutic and deep. Many of my clients are body builders or have chronic pain that requires a firmer touch. My clients off the massage table are those who desire to be led with grounded direction back to themselves. I will always direct you back into you heart, your center, your intentions. I am not afraid to go deep in massage or in sacred containers of healing and transformation.

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