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Elena Simmons

Master Massage Therapist

Reiki Practitioner

Intuitive Healer

About Elena

From the time I was 5 I had the innate understanding of how we can heal each other on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level. I grew up with my great grandmother, who lived with chronic pain. I started massaging her as a child and I continued for the rest of her life, learning first hand the relief healing touch can bring. It wasn't until my mid twenties I answered my call to heal others suffering from chronic pain.

I am always in healing mode whether by touch, word, or presence. I feel fulfilled when i help others by calming their nervous system, relieving pain and encouraging deep healing.

I channel my work through God, My Grandmother, and the Universal Powers that binds us to each other and Nature.

Elena's Services

Prenatal/Pregnancy Massage: I took an interest, as a new mother, in specialized treatment for stress relief with focus on specific ailments that come with each stage of pregnancy.

Deep Tissue Massage: Postural Analysis with direct, trigger point work in a slow and gentle manner to coax the body to release old holding patterns.

Ashiatsu Massage(barefoot): a deep tissue compression massage through the use of the therapist’s feet. What that means is that this technique manipulates the deeper layers of tissue, which helps in chronic pain reduction.

Sports Massage: Assisted/Passive/Active stretching. Modified for pre/post events. Often energizing.

Cupping Massage: I work with silicone cups to decompress your tissue/fascia, break up adhesion and scar tissue.

Reiki Energy Healing: I use intuition to cultivate a specialized treatment using my hands, healing crystals, sound and vibration. Often comes with healing herb bath mix to bring home.

Hot Stone Massage

More About Elena

I am currently in training to become an Infant Massage Instructor. As an Infant Emotional Health Advocate, it is important to me to share my education regarding the importance of touch, especially from the beginning stages of life


Licensed Massage Therapist, Blue Cliff College, 2019, Fayetteville, AR

Advanced Neuromuscular, Happy Valley School of Massage, 2022, Winslow, AR

Ashiatsu, Barefoot Body Works, 2022, Fort Smith, AR

Direct/Indirect Techniques for Head, Neck, Jaw, Shoulders, Low Back, Legs, Ray of Light Training Institute, 2022, Hot Springs, AR

Sports Massage, Dr James Malley, Hands on Healing, 2022, Fayetteville, AR

Advanced Cupping, Dr James Malley, Hands on Healing, 2022, Fayetteville, AR

Craniosacral Therapy, Ray of Light Training Institute, 2022, Little Rock, AR

Spa Day for Face/Neck/Hands/Feet, Happy Valley School of Massage, 2022, Winslow, AR

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