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Martha Robinson

Meditation Guide

Special Events Leader

About Martha

Meditation and yoga are two of my main self-care practices. They are a priority every morning when I wake up and at night before I go to bed. As an incredibly empathic person, it is important that I know myself and my personal energy, so that I can also know what is not myself. Meditation and yoga are the tools I use to harness this discernment.

I have invested years clearing out anxiety and trauma, and have intentionally created space within for the planting of Love, Joy, Abundance, and Gratitude. My life has not gone without personal pains, and giving myself meditation and yoga helps me cope with difficult situations and navigate forward as I align with my personal life missions.

Since clearing out space from negative experiences and shadow work, I have also activated extra-sensory, personal gifts, and look forward to assisting others in their unique activations!

Meditating will positively change your life!

I look forward to guiding you through your own internal experience.

Martha Robinson - The Human Experience

Martha's Services

Meditation classes at The Human Experience are 75 minute sessions twice a week. During each session, we travel up the 9 energy centers (chakras) that make up this practice. Each chakra has a specific visualization, Sanskrit mantra, key phrase, and more. Meditating on the 9 chakras of this practice is proven to help shed energy that is no longer in alignment, help alleviate the presence of stress and trauma, and has even shown to activate extra-sensory gifts that are unique to each person.

Special events that I create vary. They include: Past Life Regression, Come Into Union with Yourself, and the Empath Development Workshop. Each of these events involve a discussion, an interactive moment, and a meditation that is designed with special intention related to the topic. Events are usually two and a half hours long, and wrap up with journaling about the experience.

These services are created for individual and collective uplifting, activation, and alignment. I am honored to share this practice for the benefit of everyone who participates. I am thankful for the teacher who taught me as well as the lineage of other anointed Buddhist monks who have passed along this sacred practice.


While working as a biology researcher and educator in 2016-17, my partner died suddenly from opioid overdose, and I entered the Dark Night of my Soul. A couple years later when I reached rock bottom, a friend gifted me a set of Buddhist meditations. I could not afford traditional therapy, so I practiced these meditations every day. I could feel them starting to help, and over time they made a significant impact on my life. This practice evolved into what has now been compiled into The 9 Chakra Meditation that I guide for others.

Through this 9 Chakra Meditation, I began recovering from PTSD, rewiring my brain, and elevating my emotions. Two and a half years into my personal meditation practice, I shared the system (of Buddhist origin) with a friend, and she loved it so much that she hosted a weekly get-together where I lead others through it. Eventually, I connected with wellness centers Sarasota, Florida, where I worked with clients one-on-one and offered regular group classes.

The benefits of meditation practice are undeniable. Experiencing this practice through the lens of a biology degree has granted me the ability to describe this spiritual experience in a scientific way: meditation can serve anyone, at any point in life- physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, socially- and long term benefits are life-altering.

Degrees & Experience

Bachelors of Science degree in Biology, Furman University, 2014

Personal and consistent meditation practice since October, 2018.

Meditation guide since Spring, 2021

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