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Mary Lily

Massage Therapist

Reiki Practitioner

"I love the spacious and deep state of being that I enter when I give massage." - Mary

Treatment Testimonial

"My first massage with Mary was incredibly therapeutic! In addition to the general renewal and refreshing deep relaxation of a REALLY great massage, I experienced new relief from decades-long hip problems. I've had several massage therapists work on my hips, all with various approaches and techniques unique to them, all providing varying levels of relief. Mary's approach blew me away and opened new connections of my awareness with my body for the deeper healing I've been looking for.

Thank you, Mary!" - Verified Client

About Mary

Helping people feel better is the most fun job I can imagine. I want to help create a happier and healthier world one person at a time by facilitating my clients' relaxation, well-being and comfort in their bodies.

Mary's Services

My style is slow, thorough and nurturing, sometimes incorporating passive or active movement to enhance results. I am comfortable delivering firm pressure. I respect clients' preferences and requests, and I encourage them to let me know what they like and dislike about their massage, including what level of pressure they prefer.

Massage Specialties:

I love working on feet and hips!

Relaxation massage - with specific/"deep tissue" work to address areas of discomfort as requested.

TMJ - jaw tension release work.

Cupping - brief stationary placement of silicone cups and gliding cupping to loosen superficial layers of tissue allowing for deeper work with less force/pain.

Vibrational Sound Therapy - incorporated with massage using specially engineered Himalayan Singing Bowls placed and played on the body. The use of the bowls tends to relax the tissues immediately, making the massage more effective.


Homemaker, mental health paraprofessional, vocational rehabilitation counselor, gardener, house cleaner, movement instructor.

I have traveled a long, bumpy road toward self-love and acceptance of myself and others, including my own body, which never has and never will match up to cultural standards of beauty or perceived health. I am committed to reverence for and non-judgement of all bodies.

I find it remarkable that any time I have chosen massage to treat my own aches, pains or areas of tightness that are troubling me, I receive relief.

Degrees & Qualifications

  • Masters of Science degree in Rehabilitation Counseling

  • Bachelor's degree in Religion

  • Certified SomaSoul Practitioner: Somatic Therapy from Leven Institute for Expressive Movement.

  • LMT, The Edge School of Massage, Fayetteville, Arkansas

  • Reiki II Practitioner, Traditional Usui Reiki by Andrea Sumers, Usui Reiki Master, 2022

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