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Monthly Subscription / Membership Options

Become one of tHeM

The Human Experience (tHe) Member

Perks of Being a Member

We love the Opportunity our Memberships Create to
Do Serve Our Clients Better

No Contract


As soon as you enroll, you instantly unlock your exclusive discount! Plus, we offer the flexibility to cancel your membership at any time after the initial billing cycle without any prior notice. Our membership is designed with your savings in mind and aims to inspire your commitment to self-care. It's a way to prioritize yourself and ensure that you stay accountable to your well-being.

Gift-able Credits

to anyone...

If you've missed a few consecutive months of visits, we understand! You have the flexibility to convert your accumulated credits into gift certificates for a friend. It's a wonderful way to share the experience of our services with someone you care about. Have your mom enjoy a well-deserved spa day using your account and treat her to a day of relaxation and rejuvenation.

Credits Don't Expire

unless you cancel, and....

Your credits will accumulate and remain available for you to use at your convenience. Take your time to decide when you're ready to indulge in our services. Some of our members even treat themselves to a full spa day every other month! In the event that you choose to cancel your membership, rest assured that you will have a generous window of 180 days to utilize any remaining credits.

Flexible Use

choose your service

Experience the diversity of our services, ranging from rejuvenating massages, invigorating yoga classes, refreshing facials, to transformative practices like Reiki and energy healing. With our membership, you have the flexibility to switch between these equal services effortlessly. You also have the option to upgrade your service while still maintaining your valuable discounts. This ensures that you can tailor your self-care journey to your evolving needs, while continuing to enjoy the benefits of your discounted membership.

Price Lock

for the life of your membership

By becoming a member, you gain exclusive access to a locked-in discounted rate for all our services. Whether you indulge in 100 massages a month (a wonderful aspiration!) or any other service, you'll enjoy the benefits of your membership pricing. Furthermore, we guarantee that the price of your membership will remain unchanged as long as it remains active to ensures that you can confidently continue your membership, knowing that your rate is secured.

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