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Quantum Body Human Design
w/ Karen Curry Parker

You can’t unlock your full potential until you release these limiting patterns from the body. Your body carries the manifestations of the choices that you’ve made with your life. Not only that, it also carries the history of your ancestral lineage. To clear these manifestations and your ancestral lineage, you have to work with the body to reassure it that it’s safe and reprogram it to be able to hold higher frequencies of energy.

Sometimes you have to use energy frequencies such as flower essences and sound to “tune” the body to being more receptive to a more abundant and evolved story. Using energy frequencies bypasses the doubt, suspicion and protective patterns held in the body.

By tuning the body and using reclaiming your natural power of storytelling, you can leverage the imaginative play from childhood in ways that serve you and the world. You can move right into thriving on this New Earth and effectively respond to the challenges you face right now - all in alignment with your Quantum Human Design.

Download this free introduction to the Quantum Body Program. Included with this free sample is also a lesson and the full length sound frequency attunement associated with optimizing your Head Center.

Stillness and Motion: Multidimensional Meditations

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The "Stillness in Motion" course in Qigong is an immersive journey that takes you on a deep exploration of this ancient Chinese practice. Taught by PM Chaves, a highly experienced Qigong teacher, this course is perfect for anyone looking to cultivate inner peace, balance, and harmony in their lives. In this course, you'll learn a range of Qigong movements, breathing exercises, and meditation techniques that can help you reduce stress, improve focus, and increase your energy levels.

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced practitioner, this course offers something for everyone. The course also includes bonus materials such as recorded meditations and additional practice videos to help you deepen your practice. By the end of the course, you'll have a solid foundation in Qigong and the tools you need to continue your practice on your own. Join the "Stillness in Motion" course and experience the transformative power of Qigong for yourself.​

A Journey Through Your Purpose

As humans we are innately seeking to expand our Purpose, Relationships, and Abundance. It is through untangling our strings within the sacred pathways of our DNA that we embody our blueprints and reclaim our sovereignty.

A massive collective consciousness shift is upon us as we shift into the 6th line reality on the Cross of the Sleeping Phoenix. It is essential that we decondition ourselves and surrender the beliefs preventing us from following our true authority within our Divine Blueprint.

We invite you along a journey into your DNA sequences to transition through the shadow frequencies into your unique soul gifts! 

This is the relational revolution known as

The Boundary Course

This course is designed to be binged. Set aside a couple hours and get ready to dive in to learn...

What Boundaries Really Are

-How Boundaries are a Gift to Your Relationships

-Specific Boundaries and When/How to use them

-How to Deal with Pushback on Your Boundaries

-BONUS: Script to Break Up With A Narcissist

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