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Elevate Your Spirit, Connect with the Divine: Hapé & Cacao Ceremony

  • 2 hours
  • From 22 US dollars
  • tHe Studio

Service Description

Join us for an enlightening event that will introduce you to the transformative power of Hapé and Cacao as sacred plant medicines. These powerful natural remedies have been used for centuries by indigenous cultures around the world to facilitate deep healing, spiritual growth, and inner transformation. Our experienced facilitators will guide you through a ritual and practice that are designed to help you connect with the healing power of Hapé and Cacao. You'll learn about the history and cultural significance of these sacred plant medicines, and discover the many ways in which they can support your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. During the event, you'll have the opportunity to experience the power of Hapé and Cacao firsthand. Our facilitators will guide you through a Hapé Ceremony, in which you'll inhale a specially prepared blend of medicinal herbs, which can help to clear your mind, release emotional blockages, and connect you with your higher self. You'll also be served a specially prepared Cacao, which will help to open your heart, deepen your meditation, and enhance your spiritual awareness. Through the practices and rituals of Hapé and Cacao, you'll learn how to connect with the healing power of these sacred plant medicines and integrate them into your everyday life. You'll also have the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and share your experiences and insights. Don't miss this opportunity to discover the transformative power of Hapé and Cacao as sacred plant medicines. Book your ticket today and embark on a journey of self-discovery and healing with two of the most powerful natural remedies in the world. There will also be a possibility to receive Sananga eye medicine drops for those who wish. This is a gathering for a small group (max 11 people). Both men and women, with or without experience of this medicine are welcome This is Donation Based The Medicines Provided cost us about 5.00 per person minimum We suggest a donation of 11.00-33.00 and we turn no one away for funding Donations do not have to related to money. We always welcome your gifts, time, and love! Get your own HAPE and Ceremonial Tools and Amazonian Art

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  • 989 North Shiloh Drive, Fayetteville, AR, USA


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